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Protection Films for Stainless Steel Applications

Whether in gastronomy, architecture or product design: stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for aesthetic surfaces and is available in a wide range of surface finishes and qualities.

Retractable Needles & Syringes Applications

Take a look inside our manufacturing plant with CBS 11 to learn about RTI's innovative low dead space safety syringe technology that's helping to speed up the vaccination rollout by getting more shots safely into more arms.

Easy-Peel Protection Films by Polifilm

Easy-peel protective films from POLIFILM PROTECTION are perfectly matched to a wide variety of coating systems and gloss levels, ideal for the protection of Sandwich Panels and Aluminium Composite Panels.

Blood Storage Temperature Monitoring

Temperature and humidity data logging for pharmaceutical logistics help save you time, money, and prevents waste. We service many clients in the pharmaceutical cold chain industry. Often times, pre-configured sigle-use loggers work best for this application.

Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Monitoring

Fully automated temperature and humidity data logging. Monitor fridges, freezers, storage rooms, delivery vans and even whole warehouses. EL-WIFI models automatically send data to the Cloud, for total peace of mind. Never worry about your vaccines again.
pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring

Vaccine Protection & Storage Applications

Monitor temperature breaches and doors left open. Our simplest, lowest cost monitoring solution! Perfect as a back-up system providing instant alerts. Automatically send email notifications to your specified recipients. Set up in moments with the free Wireless Alert App.

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