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Protecting the Cold Chain - One Logger at a Time

Temperature and humidity data logging to CDC and NHS requirements.

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Helping You Maintain the Cold Chain

Temperature and humidity data logging for pharmaceutical logistics help save you time, money, and prevents waste. We service many clients in the pharmaceutical cold chain industry. Often times, pre-configured sigle-use loggers work best for this application. It’s a low cost data logger that is ready to use, and comes configured with correct alarms for diffferent product types. Start at the push of a button: simple – no training needed. LED’s flash if alarms limits are breached. Download data, graphs and audit records straight to a PC at the end of the chain. 

Long Term Monitoring

Fully automated temperature and humidity data logging.
Monitor fridges, freezers, storage rooms, delivery vans and even whole warehouses. EL-WIFI models automatically send data to the Cloud, for total peace of mind. Lower cost EL-USB models are plugged into your PC to extract data records. Both types include alarms to warn when limits are breached. Software for automatic data analysis, graphing and audit records.

pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring

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