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Protecting Your Vaccine's Has Never Been Easier

Temperature and humidity data logging to CDC and NHS requirements.

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Reducing Vaccine Waste

Did you know that according to official figures, in the UK alone vaccine stock worth over £6.3 million was lost in 2018 due to poor storage conditions? 

Vaccine potency degrades quickly, and can be completely lost in temperatures below 2°C or above 8°C. 

By using temperature probes encased in glycol-filled bottles, EasyLog digital data loggers accurately mimic the temperature response of vaccines so you can be sure you’re following best practice.

Calibrations Assure Accuracy

Data loggers sold by Supply Link come fully calibrated and ready to be used. All EasyLog vaccine data loggers are provided with a calibration certiicate. They are calibrated using apparatus traceable to national or international standards. Each logger is purposefully tested at the temperatures you will be using it in.

Wireless Alerts

Monitor temperature breaches and doors left open. Our simplest, lowest cost monitoring solution! Perfect as a back-up system providing instant alerts. Automatically send email notifications to your specified recipients. Set up in moments with the free Wireless Alert App.

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