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Vaccine Data Loggers

Vaccine data loggers read and record vaccine temperatures on a continuous basis. They give providers accurate reporting of their vaccines' temperatures over time. They log around the clock, even when the providers' offices close. Part of a data logger's functionality includes alerts.

Vaccine Data Logger

The Safest Way to Track Vaccine Temperatures - Digital Data Loggers

Vaccine Data Loggers keep track of vaccine temperature to eliminate the risk of vaccine loss due to improper handling. This product has an electronic chip that records the internal temperature, protecting your vaccines from lost revenue and even possible contamination.

vaccine data loggers
cloud based vaccine data logger
Vaccine Storage & Management

Vaccine Data Loggers

Safely handling and administering vaccines can be tricky business, and the CDC has several rules and guidelines that must be used to keep your vaccines, and your patients safe.

Unlike a regular thermometer, WiFi Vaccine Data Loggers provide the most accurate information on vaccine temperatures.  The CDC recommends using a digital buffered temperature sensor that measures the actual temperature of the vaccine, while standard thermometers record ambient air temperature that can vary significantly within storage.

WiFi Vaccine Data Loggers are Saving Lives

When vaccine temperatures reach unsafe levels, they can lose potency and therefore may not effectively protect your patient.

With the WiFi TPX+ data logging unit, alerts can be quickly communicated to the managing staff, including pharmacists and managers who can take action to preserve inventory.

Vaccine Management

Proper vaccine inventory management is essential for appropriate vaccine ordering and stock rotation, and ensures your facility has the vaccines your patients need. Vaccines are expensive, so making sure they are unpacked, stored, prepared, administered, and transported correctly is critical.

Maintaining the cold chain is the first step in vaccine inventory management. Staff members who might accept vaccine deliveries should be trained to immediately notify the vaccine coordinator or alternate coordinator when deliveries arrive. Vaccines must always be immediately checked and stored properly upon arrival.

vaccine management

See the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

View the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit made available by the CDC.

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