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Easy-Peel Films Protection Applications

POLIFILM PROTECTION Surface Protection Films combine easy-peel properties with high performance protection for customer focused process solutions. Tightly synchronised processing sequences alongside automatic manufacturing processes demand highly sophisticated, efficient protection solutions.

Protection films that can be quickly and easily removed, free from the risk of residues, offering significant processing advantages. POLIFILM PROTECTION has responded to this requirement with specially engineered adhesive formulations providing easy-peel properties. The acrylic based adhesive offers unique peel properties: The faster the film is removed, the less force is needed.

Modern day processing demands shorter production times. More efficient production line processes demand more from protection films. Thanks to their special easy-peel properties, POLIFILM PROTECTION’s films are removed quickly and efficiently in a matter of seconds, especially over large intricate areas.

Easy-Peel at a Glance

POLIFILM PROTECTION additionally combine their easy-peel protective films with an optimised adhesion system and high tear resistant carrier film. They are removed safely and cleanly with no risk of residues which guarantees a perfect surface finish every time. The need for rework and subsequent cleaning is eradicated resulting in a more efficient production process.

POLIFILM PROTECTION’s easy-peel films are ideally matched to the requirements of different surface structures, gloss levels and speciality surface coatings. They guarantee optimum adhesion and reliable protection of delicate Stainless Steel or sensitive Aluminium surfaces during production processing, manufacturing and other associated operations.


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