Vaccine Data Loggers

vaccine data loggers

WiFi Vaccine Data Loggers and Why They Are Essential Safely handling and administering vaccines can be tricky business, and the CDC has several rules and guidelines that must be used to keep your vaccines, and your patients safe. Why use a WiFi Vaccine Data Logger? Unlike a regular thermometer, WiFi Vaccine Data Loggers provide the […]

What is a Data Logger?

What are Data Loggers? To keep it simple, a data logger is an electronic device that monitors the conditions of an environment or an event. This device is used to record and store data over periods of time. Data loggers let you analyze the readings they have collected either via software accessed by plugging a […]

Types of Data Loggers

A data logger is an electronic device designed to record measurements at specific intervals. Measurements can include water temperature and water level, air temperature, humidity, current and voltage, variations in pressure, light intensity, soil moisture, rainfall, pulse signals, wind speed and direction, room occupancy and even the wetness of leaves. Data loggers are generally a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Fiber Optic Cabling

In the recent years, fiber optics is steadily replacing copper wires. It is a better and apt means of transmitting communication signals. Today, fiber optics cable span across long distances between local phone systems. In addition, it also serves as the backbone for many networking systems including: Cable TV services University campus Office buildings Industrial […]

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