Energy Star Certified 36.4 cu.ft. Refrigerators for Vaccines MPR-1014-PA


Energy Star Certified 36.4 cu.ft. Refrigerators for Vaccines MPR-1014-PA

PHCbi Vaccine and Pharmacy Refrigerators are designed with the best in class performance standards by taking into consideration the physical safety of medical personnel, optimum temperature maintenance, and other technical aspects. We test our products to ensure that they surpass WHO requirements for cold chain storage. Our vaccine refrigerators are available in a variety of models from basic 4-door units to advanced integrated systems with more than 20 features for complete control over inventory management. PHCbi vaccine refrigerators are designed to deliver safe, optimal performance at a reasonable cost. They are specially designed for consistent temperature control within which vaccines must be stored to ensure effectiveness.

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Storage

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerators are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures necessary for vaccine storage. Our purpose-built vaccine storage refrigerators are designed for temperature uniformity and stability that is not commonly found with household or commercial cabinets. PHCbi brand vaccine refrigerators satisfy current and evolving storage protocols essential for vaccine cold chain storage.

Superior Temperature Uniformity

Forced air circulation allows for precise temperature uniformity, even after frequent door openings. The digital display shows temperature readings in the gradients of 1°C. The configurable temperature for pharmaceutical refrigerators ranges from 2° to 14°C. A thermistor sensor monitors chamber temperature while the circulation fan provides rapid temperature adjustment for a highly reliable, stable preservation environment that is unaffected by ambient temperature.

Remarkable Cooling Efficiency

A highly efficient hermetic compressor provides efficient cooling and maintains temperature level.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of MPR series refrigerators for vaccination storage provides a clear view of stored items through the large glass panels. The slim profile also allows for quick retrieval of all products. Due to the space saving design, less installation space is required. Two dual paned sliding glass doors seal tightly to maintain uniformity.

Microprocessor Controls

The PHCbi microprocessor includes comprehensive setpoint, alarms, monitoring and diagnostic functions. The microprocessor and the electronic temperature controls ensure the set temperature is maintained.

Validated Vaccination Storage

The PHCbi plenum for this Energy Star® Certified vaccine storage refrigerator allows for uniform cold air flow distribution throughout the chamber to ensure temperature uniformity. This is essential for validated storage requirements.

Cycle Defrost System

Defrosting is performed automatically during compressor “off” cycles by sensing frost levels. This ensures defrosting is performed only when required, further protecting the contents against unnecessary temperature rise. The defrosting heater also acts as an emergency heat source to prevent samples from freezing in extremely low ambient temperature conditions (below 0°C).

Vaccination Storage Safety

Audible and flashing LED visual alarms alert you to the unlikely event of either a high or low temperature condition. If the inside temperature rises abnormally, an overshooting prevention circuit automatically switches off the fan motor or heater.

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